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Geometry Dash is an arcade game that appeared in 2013. RobTop GAMES develops it. The main storyline is the overcoming of obstacles by the main character. Reaching the finish line is not for everyone. Regular practice will help the player to get to the finish line. The storyline stretches from the beginning to the end of the game. The gameplay is addictive from the first minutes. Both adults and children have become fans of Geometry Dash. Each time the speed and obstacles increase. This further fuels your interest in the gameplay.

Types of the game

The developers never cease to amaze their fans. In 2013, the main character was a simple cube traveling through a fabulous world. At the end of each level, there is a portal that transports the player to a new object. Later, other variations of the app began to appear. The most popular ones are:

Geometry dash lite. This is a simplified version of the standard game. Here beginners can train to run the cube through a strip of obstacles. The main task is to pass quickly through spikes and columns.
Geometry dash meltdown. Here users can adjust the difficulty level. Square goes on a fascinating journey through a fairy tale world. Players should pay more attention to the location and new obstacles appearing quickly.
Geometry dash sub-zero. Modified game with a cube in the central role. The version is complemented by music and beautiful graphic design. This application can be run on different gadgets and enjoy gameplay.
Fire and Water Geometry Dash. One of the fascinating modifications of the standard version. Here are two elements – fire and water. Users themselves change the location. Each part has its functions.

The choice of a particular game depends on the player’s preferences. You can install several versions on your gadget to overcome different obstacles. A unique soundtrack accompanies each location. Players receive rewards for completing a level. Bonuses accumulate on the virtual account. In the game store, you can modify the main character or buy additional enhancements. The game has an edit mode, where the user creates the level himself.

Geometry Dash is really a unique game. The storyline is well thought out to the smallest detail. Players get pleasure from passing each level. Constantly changing locations and musical accompaniment draws you into the gameplay from the first minutes. Try to play, and you will like it.

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