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Geometry Dash Horror

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A kind of popular game geometry dash horror

Fans of the famous geometry dash game can try to play the horror version. The developers invite you to join the breathtaking adventures of the demonic cube. The active character goes out for a walk in a scary place. The cube will have to overcome all obstacles at great speed. The gamer’s task is to help the hero pass all the obstacles. The player must react quickly and jump over poles and other obstacles. Each level is equipped with new hazards. The player needs to remain attentive and vigilant. The smartest and most agile players will make it to the end. This game helps to train skills and quick decision-making. You can control your character by using the sensor on your gadget’s screen.
Geometry Dash: Horror is made with HTML5, so it’s suitable for any browser on your PC. You can also play it on your tablet and smartphone. The game supports any operating system. The only condition is to have enough memory on your device to install and update it.
If you are not afraid, try to pass all the tests that are prepared for your game Geometry Dash. It is a horror game, and in it, you will have to be wary of sudden sounds, especially after unfortunate falls and losses. In the beginning, you can choose the level and difficulty and then test your jumping skills and nerves. Will you have enough time to jump over all the spikes, overcoming obstacles with minimal falls? Good luck to you!

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