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Geometry Dash 2.2

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Today there is a new update to the famous game. It’s time to go to the two-dimensional geometric world to help the main character — the square. He knows how to jump skillfully, but otherwise, he often needs help, for example, not to get caught on thorns and spikes. Control the square, hop around the platforms, listen to the music, and try to match — jump quickly, then slowly. Note that you will die because of all sorts of dangers, not just often, but very often. So be patient and try again and again until you set your records and learn everything about this fantastic geometric world. You’ll get points for completing levels.

New features in the game

Update 2.2 is the twelfth major update of Geometry Dash. The main innovations it contains: icons from Icon Contest, new mode, new triggers, challenge mode, secret vault, also a built-in FPS Bypass will be added, a minimum of two levels.
Interesting Facts:
Update 2.2 will continue the series of updates with a new mode: 1.9 — wave, 2.0 — robot, 2.1 — spider, 2.2 — swing copter.
The new update will have the most significant number of icons ever released in an update — only one cube will have more than 300.
In RobTop’s camera control video, you can notice a new background. You can also see this background in the Press Start level from Geometry Dash SubZero. This is it.
Because of the Geometry Dash SubZero hack (read below), you can go into the editor and see that two backgrounds were added. Recently the 3rd background from Sneak Peek was added as well. The new floor and location in the platformer mode demo video could also be seen.
Update 2.2 is currently the update with the most releases and previews. It also has the longest wait time for any significant update.

Advantages of a popular game

This is one of the most complex and exciting arcade games. You expect crazy high-speed passages with a lot of challenging levels. The player controls only one regular cube, which is only able to jump! Great tension and dynamics will not leave us for a minute!
In this unusual arcade game, Geometry Dash 2.2, you will have to control an infinitely moving square, which an obstacle can only stop. It would help if you pressed the left mouse button to jump over spikes and avoid pits. On the way, you will have not only the usual traps but also exciting portals that turn the game.
At times you will have to roll and jump not only on the floor but also on the ceiling. Then your ordinary cube turns into a real ninja. Try to pass as many ways as possible, the first time may not be able to overcome the fundamental level, but by practicing, you can quickly be on the second.

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