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Geometry Dash Lite

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The difference between geometry dash lite

Geometry Dash Lite is an addictive and fun arcade game for smartphones. The application uses entertaining retro graphics. The player’s main task is to pass the levels and overcome obstacles in a flying rocket. From the first minutes of the game, gameplay grabs the player. You are waiting for almost insurmountable tests in the colorful geometric world of the game. You will have to use all the skills of jumping and flying to the limit, overcoming challenging obstacles.
It’s also worth mentioning the graphics – the style of the game is based on the similarity of new technologies with its style and features. Effects, lighting, and an excellent background soundtrack create a hardcore but stimulating atmosphere.
Systematization of level difficulty
The game also features a systematization of the difficulty of the levels. They are divided into:
Easy – the first mode for beginners;
Normal – level for players with little experience;
Hard – suitable for those who want to test their agility;
Harder – here to, overcome obstacles becomes more difficult;
Insane – this level is for experienced players;
Demon – the most challenging level of difficulty possible;
N/A – appeared in the latest updates. Suitable for beginners;
AUTO also appeared in the latest updates and means automatically passing the level.
Controls are simple taps in any area of the screen. The game responds perfectly to the user’s taps. The game’s plot is based on a certain rhythm, which is impossible to break. You must use different actions to pass the levels – acceleration jumps and somersaults in all the correct planes.
The main feature of the game is the soundtrack. It seems to give life to the levels and brings them to life. And their sound only made players want to get through the beginning classes. Sometimes they could get boring, but because of the music and soundtracks, many people played this game.

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