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Geometry Dash 3

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The updated geometry dash in 3D

The popular game Geometry Dash came out in 3D mode. The developer does not cease to amaze us with innovations in the game. Projects continue to appear on the Google Play Store, gaining popularity in the gaming community.
Like other versions of the game is an arcade runner in which the main character is a fast-moving cube that can take on different forms.

A detailed description of the game

Players will plunge into a world of futuristic levels, overcoming obstacles and masterfully avoiding hostile monsters. The gameplay is accompanied by music that is pleasant to the ear. And the visuals are pleasing to the eye, thanks to which the gameplay can drag on.
There is only one way to cope with Geometry Dash – to learn the position of all obstacles. You can do it in a special mode called Practice Mode. In Practice Mode, collision with obstacles does not throw you back to the beginning of the stage but returns to the nearest control point.
There are seven different forms of the protagonist:
Cube. The base view of the controlled object. It starts at each level. In this form, the hero jumps up to three blocks high.
Rocket. It differs radically from the cube not only in appearance but also in the method of control. The missile must be constantly kept in the air and ensure it does not touch the borders of the level.
Ball. The distinctive feature of this form is that the hero can move both on the floor and on the ceiling.
UFO. The shape resembles a rocket, but the hero can make small jumps over the surface in the form of a UFO.
Wave. One of the most dynamic and challenging to control forms. In this form, the hero moves only diagonally.
Robot. A form resembling a frog in which the hero can jump over long distances.
Spider. The hero moves almost instantly between the lower and upper-level planes in this form.
In general, the game is divided into two locations, each of which has five levels. All designed in futuristic shades, peculiar to the series of games, there is an opportunity to fly on a ship or a UFO, but reincarnating into a robot and spider, as in other versions, is no longer possible. After passing the ten basic levels, you can play on custom tracks available in Featured.

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