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Geometry Neon Dash

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What is Geometry Neon Dash

The developers of the geometry dash game do not cease to amaze. The Neon version is created especially for girls with neon lights and is available for free play. This time the players will hunt with the neon ball to the stars. Gamers in the “Geometry Dash” part of “Neon” are waiting for 20 exciting levels with challenging tracks. The ball in the side-scroller game rushes through the geometric dimension alone. It’s up to you to react quickly to jump over obstacles at the right moment. Even collisions with safe platforms will result in the death of the circular hero. And at every turn in the world of Dash is a mass of saws, sharp spikes, and other deadly traps. It should think for a second and have to start all over again. Play the online game “Geometric World Dash Neon” can be on any gadget.
The little square goes on a journey through the starry world. Your task is to help the hero bypass dangerous objects. Triangles are a serious danger in geometry for the square. Your task is not to let the square explode. How many stars can you collect?

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