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Geometry Dash

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Today everybody likes to spend their time with pleasure. The best way to relax is by playing your favorite game. What about Geometry Dash? It is the most popular game all over the world! It was developed for smartphones. You can install it on gadgets with Android or iOS systems. What is that game? Why is it so popular? Here is the answer! The app is simple but has excellent graphic design and game content.
The main person is square. He is so funny and quick. Players should be careful of him. On every level square will jump and rush from the obstacles. At each stage, the levels get harder and harder. The player must help the main character get to the finish line. Also, the full original game is payable. But in the free version, you can pass many exciting and high levels.

What is the gameplay?

A journey into different fairy-tale worlds represents the storyline. The main character moves from one place to another. The player controls the die with the touchpad on the screen. The level is accompanied by fun music. This adds extra charm to the game.
Players can choose one of the modes. There are two modes in Geometry Dash: practice and classic gambling regime. What is the difference between them?

  • Practise mode. It is the best way to start playing. Every person can try to play in his way. What does it mean? First, you can save a fragment where the square falls. And try to pass the level again. It is the best way to learn how to play.
  • Classic mode. Here you don’t have the right to make a mistake. The level will start again if you lose. Each time there will be more and more obstacles. Here is one way to win – make a quick decision and deftly jump over spikes.

In addition, players are rewarded for completing a level. The winnings can be accumulated and spent on upgrading the protagonist. In the paid version, more color palettes are available to change the image of the cube.
The developers have come up with a change of appearance of the protagonist. He can be a ball. The movement of the protagonist takes place on a flat surface. The ball quickly changes its gravity when the touchpad is pressed.
When flying, the main character turns into a ship or a rocket. The user can adjust its height by tapping on the smartphone screen. If you do not perform this simple action, the main character will lose altitude and fall.
Geometry Dash is an exciting and popular arcade game. Choose your protagonist. And go on a fabulous journey with the funny cube.

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