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Geometry Dash Sub Zero

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How to pass the levels in the game geometry dash sub zero

Today Geometry Dash SubZero is the most popular mobile arcade game. It’s a development RobTop. This version was released as a supplement to the main development. Users first saw the modified game in December 2017. It has some elements that will be included in the massive update 2.2. You can see them during the walkthrough. The game is distributed through Google Play and the App Store and is free.

What are the modes in the game?

The popularity of such projects as Geometry Dash SubZero clearly shows that players are looking for not only beautiful graphics and stories in arcades. First of all, many are interested in complex gameplay. Users enjoy overcoming difficulties, and Geometry Dash SubZero gives them that opportunity.
You can play in normal mode or practice mode. Practice Mode is a game option that is available in every version. The function allows the player to practice passing levels. In the app, you can activate the location of traps and hidden objects. This mode is activated through the “Pause .”The player needs to click on the green diamond. Practice mode is interesting because you can create the place of the hero’s revival yourself. After playing, the character will return to the set point.
In the game settings, you can disable the automatic saving of points. This can be done by activating the button next to the function “Auto-Checkpoints.” Putting points is easy enough:

If you play on your phone, you should pay attention to the two buttons at the bottom of the screen. With the left one, you will create a point, and with the right one, you will remove the last point you made.
If you play on the emulator on the computer, you should use the buttons on the keyboard “X” – removes the point, “Z” – puts.
If you play on the Xbox 360, you should use the game console (button placement will be described on the screen).
The project, created by Swedish developer Robert Topala, can be attributed to the genre of hardcore platformers. Even though the game has only three levels, passing them requires at least several weeks.
Geometry Dash SubZero is a genuinely challenging game. Hundreds of obstacles – big and small spikes, rotating saws, pools of water and lava, rising and falling walls, etc. – await users on each level. Collision with these objects will automatically take you to the beginning level.

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