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Geometry Dash 2022

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Geometry Dash is an arcade game in the 2D animation genre. The developers released the application for mobile devices on different operating systems. The creator of the game is the Swedish developer Robert Topala, acting under the pseudonym RobTop. The basic levels of the game are free. The full version is available for real money, and the lite-version represents only 1/5 of the project and its ideas.

Update of the popular game geometry dash 2022

Nowadays the game geometry is very popular all over the world. At first sight, to pass the level is not difficult. But the speed of your character’s movement is increasing. With each level there are more and more obstacles.
In addition to obstacles, there are other objects in the game levels. For example, portals, spheres and trampolines. They all differ from each other in color and characteristics. Trampolines throw you back, spheres push you to platforms or other spheres, and portals change the polarity of gravity, change the protagonist and influence his movement speed.

Complicated or simple game

Additional problems will be caused by the constantly changing rules of the game. If at the beginning of a level, users will simply have to jump over spikes and move between moving columns, after a few tens of seconds the objects on the screen will become many times larger, and the jumping cube will turn into a rocket, which must be directed into the corridor between spikes.
After a few seconds the sunny locations are replaced by dark mazes with contrasting obstacles, narrow platforms and portals.
Such “jumps” further complicate the passage. As a result, even the most superficial level has to be “stormed”, spending hundreds of attempts.
Changing the main character
In Geometry Dash SubZero the protagonist is a cube, but as the level progresses he will repeatedly change his shape, turning into a rocket, then into a ball, then into a robot. There are seven different forms of the main character: cube, rocket, balloon, UFO, wave, robot and spider.
Users can change the color and appearance of the cube themselves. The color palette is available in the app settings. The free version does not have the same abundance of colors. In the paid version of the game, users have access to different features. You can choose the appearance of the main character or pass interesting levels.

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