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Geometry Dash World

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Geometry Dash World is a specially developed arcade for smartphones. The game is like both adults and children. Everyone can have a fun and exciting time. You start the play with an unusual journey into the world of games. The gamer needs to install the application. The installation will take a few minutes. It is important to remember the free space on the device. It should be enough to install the updates.

Features of Geometry Dash World

Players begin their journey into the gambling world through numerous dangerous locations. With each level, the location changes. A distinctive feature of Geometry Dash is considered to be:

  • A variety of adventures. The player gets access to a new location after successfully completing a previous mission;
    Several levels of difficulty. The game presents dangerous levels for the passage of which will require dexterity and speed of decision-making;
  • The arcade has musical accompaniment to the theme of the level;
  • Excellent graphics, which are accompanied by colorful animation.

Users at the beginning of the game choose the main character. A geometric shape – a square, represents him. Dexterous square moves to his goal through numerous obstacles and traps. On the way, the main character meets detractors trying to throw him off track. Players will have to go to the exciting and unusual virtual worlds. Geometry conceals secrets and mysteries. Players can unravel the main secret of the main character’s mission.

Be attentive by completing new tasks each day. Users receive numerous bonuses for successfully completing the level. Rewards go to the game account. Coins are needed to transform the main character. The player can upgrade an agile square. There are many levels in Geometry. The gamer will reach the finish line if he unlocks all the game icons.

Geometry Dash World is a dynamic arcade game for smartphones. You will go on a journey with a cube and will be able to move to different worlds. At each level, the gamer is waiting for a fantastic musical accompaniment. Updated adventures are not like the standard version. The developers have thought through each level of difficulty. Take control of the square hero and lead him forward. The main task is to avoid numerous traps and obstacles. On the way, the gamer can come across giant spikes and enemies that prevent him from reaching the finish line. You can travel through the game’s different worlds and unlock new levels. Play this game and complete daily tasks. For each task, the player earns a bonus earning bonuses and boosts. Unlock all the unique icons and colors for your hero.

Geometry Dash World is full of non-linear trails, and not only experienced players can pass them, but also beginners, so it’s a great way to get acquainted with the series and prepare for further world challenges.

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