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Geometry Dash 1.5

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Geometry Dash Version 1.5

It is a popular game that has won the hearts of millions. The active character is a cube. This little character overcomes obstacles. Controls are done using the touchpad on the smartphone screen. The graphics are extremely minimalistic but very nice. The app relies on a combination of gameplay, rhythm, and music. The levels include several elements. In one of these, the player jumps over obstacles with a square. In another, he controls a plane, trying to avoid the barriers.
The player controls a small square, which moves exclusively forward and jumps when the display is pressed. It is necessary to jump over obstacles you meet on the way and beware of head-on contact with the wall. One slightest mistake and the level has to go over again. The good thing is that it restarts instantly, avoiding the time for reloading and scoring.

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